The Circular Economy Service Centre supports municipalities in sustainable public procurement

News 2020-12-08 at 0:00
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The Circwaste - Circular Economy Service Centre sub-project implements various resource efficiency support services. One entity is the Public Procurement Support Service, which promotes resource-efficient and chemical-wise public procurement.

The Public Procurement Support Service provides assistance to those working in public procurement in the form of individual assignments. The assignments are carried out so that the Support Service seeks and transmits information sources and experts from a large project consortium and, among other things, the KEINO expert network to the procurement issues and challenges that municipalities need.

Training in the form of events, podcasts and news

In the Public Procurement Support Service, information and guidelines have been produced, for example, through various training and events. Examples of these are the Circular Procurement online training, the main themes of which were construction and food services, and the webinar on harmful substances in resource-efficient procurement.

In addition to training, current issues related to harmful substances, construction and the circular economy are discussed with experts in the field in numerous podcast episodes as well as in the information series on circular economy, construction and public procurement.

Information has also been produced in the form of various blog posts and news, such as Nordic Eco labelled construction, sustainable procurement and tools, and the state of resource-wise public procurement.

Tailor-made advice for municipalities

The Support Service also produces various small-scale reports and guidelines for municipalities. For example, the municipality of Pori brought together various existing tools to support sustainable procurement. In another example, the municipality was provided with information on how the municipality should sort plastic packaging containing cleaning agents and what should be taken into account when tendering for cleaning services in order to use the most environmentally friendly cleaning products possible.

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