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Biokaasulla Jyväskylässä
The circular economy programme offers solutions for environmental and financial challenges 2021-03-19
The proposal for a strategic programme on circular economy sets forth the measures and goals needed to establish circular economy as the basis of the Finnish economy by 2035.
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The recycling rate of household waste not increasing fast enough 2021-03-16
The recycling rate of household waste is not increasing fast enough. In some municipal areas, a slightly positive trend can be detected, but we must accelerate the rate to meet the EU recycling goals in time.
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Reijo Karhinen
The Putting circular economy into practice magazine highlights the opportunities of the circular economy in the business world 2020-12-08
The Putting circular economy into practice magazine of the Circwaste project was published in September 2020. The magazine covers circular economy from the perspective of interest to companies.
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Love Every Crumb campaign encourages Finns to reduce food waste 2020-12-08
There is much room for improvement in sorting biowaste. The Love Every Crumble campaign, encourages Finns to reduce food waste and sort biowaste at home, at work and on holidays.
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Successes of Finland's waste management

High-quality waste management solutions are prerequisite for preserving a safe and clean living environment. The new video represents successes of Finland's waste management.

Circblog – A greener future is already being built

The real estate sector plays an important role in mitigating climate change and in the responsible use of natural resources. Buildings use almost 40 per cent of all energy consumed in Finland and are the cause of more than 30 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Good news from Finland

Boosting circular economy with user-oriented experiments in Jyväskylä 2021-03-19
The teachings of environmentally friendly lifestyle were shared in a social media series produced by young people and the services boosting sustainability in the city were collected on one website. The ideas of residents are processed into real circular economy action in Jyväskylä.
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Biojäteastia pihalla
A campaign on shared biowaste containers boosts sorting in the Häme region 2021-03-19
A local waste management company in the Häme region started a campaign called Biokimppa to highlight the theme of their 25th anniversary: biowaste. The residents can, with their family or together with their neighbours, start using a new, ventilated BioSelect container that can be emptied only every four weeks, even in summer months.
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Biomass assessment study in Helsinki region creating footing for circular business 2021-03-19
In the CircVol project, a part of the 6Aika Strategy of the City of Helsinki, an assessment was completed to find out what kind of biological flows, such as industrial biowaste, is produced in the capital region. The project also seeks to achieve the goals of the roadmap of circular and sharing economy, published by the City of Helsinki this year.
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Jenni Nurmi
Recycled materials approved by infrastructure builders in a Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency road project 2021-03-19
A Circwaste sub-project by Prizztech and the City of Pori investigated the properties of Ecolan Infra®TR ash granules. The recovered materials were used in the Söörmarkku interchange project by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency in Pori for a whole year.
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More regional news
Copy and recycle the best ideas
 Finland as a forerunner in circular economy
Let's take a leap in material efficiency and recycling
A showcase of expertise

We have made a seven years deal to show, how to do things differently. Circular economy brings new business opportunities and saves natural resources.

Circular economy equals smart actions and is a part of the everyday life of all municipal residents. Ten Finnish pioneering municipalities have committed themselves to promoting circular economy in an ambitious and concrete way.

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