The transition to a circular economy requires regional data and quantitative targets 2021-04-29
The Circwaste project has created a lot of political, theoretical and practical content on the concept and field of circular economy. Now published interim report shows the results so far.
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Kiertotalouden edelläkävijäkunnat kuvake
The pioneers in circular economy have an impact 2021-04-28
Representatives from ten municipalities shared their experiences and results from circular economy efforts in their biannual meeting. There were also discussions on the proposal for the circular economy strategic program.
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Ksylitolia kaurasta
Fazer’s xylitol factory wins Circwaste’s annual circular economy award – the pioneering company industrially produces xylitol from oat hulls 2021-04-28
Fazer’s xylitol factory has been recognized with Circwaste’s annual circular economy award. Fazer is building a xylitol production facility in Lahti which is unique on a global scale. The xylitol is produced from oat hulls. The facility serves as a prime example of innovation in modern circular economy.
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Biokaasulla Jyväskylässä
The circular economy programme offers solutions for environmental and financial challenges 2021-03-19
The proposal for a strategic programme on circular economy sets forth the measures and goals needed to establish circular economy as the basis of the Finnish economy by 2035.
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The recycling rate of household waste not increasing fast enough 2021-03-16
The recycling rate of household waste is not increasing fast enough. In some municipal areas, a slightly positive trend can be detected, but we must accelerate the rate to meet the EU recycling goals in time.
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Reijo Karhinen
The Putting circular economy into practice magazine highlights the opportunities of the circular economy in the business world 2020-12-08
The Putting circular economy into practice magazine of the Circwaste project was published in September 2020. The magazine covers circular economy from the perspective of interest to companies.
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